LyonSmith Brewing Co. is a brewery whose main focus is the beer styles of the United Kingdom: England, N. Ireland, Scotland and Wales.  This region has a long and esteemed history in the brewing arts, and it is OUR intention to honor that tradition.

Community is essential to OUR existence, therefore it is only fitting that we give back.  By spotlighting a different local charity monthly and proactively fundraising for that charity, We intend to be a philanthropic driving force in our community.


Our Mission Statement says it all-

LyonSmith Brewing Co. strives to make:

A Company worth working for

A COmmunity worth living in


We believe that you should love what you do.  nothing inspires someone to work harder than their passion for the task.  We embody this sentiment.  Yes, we are a family company, because we believe in treating our family like family should.