1/2 Keg = 124 pints
       $155.00 + tax


Your no mess, no hassle solution to cold beer on demand while relaxing at your vacation rental!  This Kegerator is a refrigeration unit with two tap handles, allowing you to choose not one but two of your favorites on tap.  Comes equipped with a CO2 tank for the perfect pour every time.


Keg Information

Here is a breakdown of how many pints you can get from each of the three keg sizes offered, as well as keg pricing.  Beer is available in any size. Keg deposits are required.

1/6 Keg = 41 Pints
      $65.00 + tax

Party Tap


Looking for craft beer at your special occasion, but want it to  emanate as much elegance as the rest of your event? This tap wall is perfect for weddings and special events.  With up to three taps you can choose a variety of options for your guests to enjoy. The tap wall is a high end, serve yourself  experience.


Only need to rent for a day? This Tap is perfect for the impromptu party or get together.  No CO2   required, it uses air to pump beer right from the keg.


We offer several different types of rentals including a tap wall, kegerator, and party taps  so you can have craft beer at your special events, family gatherings, or just to have around the house.  Call for details or stop in to speak with our staff.  Rental form is also available to download HERE             

1/4 Keg = 62 Pints
       $85.00 + tax

- Rental unit can facilitate two to three kegs and a CO2 tank.

- Does require ice to keep cold

- daily rental price $150.00 + Tax

- Weekly rental price $350.00 + Tax

- Can be rented to pour home brewed beer. 

   Ask for modification

- Drop of, set up and pick up included in rental.

- Deposit required

138 Water Street Penn Yan, NY 14527

(315) 536-5603

- Rental includes the two tap refrigeration unit and CO2 tank

- Does require standard outlet

- Daily Rental price $90.00 + Tax

- Weekly rental price $200.00 + Tax

- Drop off, set up and pick up included in rental

-Deposit required

1 pint = 16 ounces

Tap Wall

- Daily rental includes party tap and bucket for keg

- Does require ice to keep cold

- Rental $20.00 + Tax

- You pick up, you drop off

- Deposit required